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We do more than just raise funds.
We help change lives.


“Our school has been using QSP as a fundraiser for almost 12 years and it is our longest running fundraiser. It appeals to all our families and every year we raise a significant amount of money for our school. we expect to keep this as our fundraiser for the next 12 years!”

-Louise Plourde, Director of Admissions

“Everything was AWESOME!!! The man who delivered our cookie dough was kind, punctual and quick. This was an incredibly easy fundraiser for me to organize.”

– Emily Martindale, Preschool Parent Volunteer

“Our QSP magazine campaign has been the only fundraising event for my Junior High School Band Program for the last 23 years. It is lucrative, easy and quick. It requires minimal assistance from volunteers and the incentive program provided by QSP is a real attention grabber for our students. Our local QSP rep has made the process very simple and is always there to assist with any problems that come up. We like QSP so much, we just started selling cookie dough through QSP to help raise a little extra money. It’s just as easy!”

– Frank Nabuurs, Band Director

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