“QSP says their fundraiser is easy to run, and they are correct. I had nothing but support from our representative.”

—Karin Creaser, Parent Volunteer Coordinator


What People are Saying

Meet Steve Bailey

Impeccable service…

“I have had the pleasure of working with QSP and Steve for more than 15 years. His connection made with staff, students and families is second to none and it is what keeps schools using QSP. The service is amazing, reliable and the on the ground help when orders come in is something that is appreciated so much and is why schools are so loyal to QSP.”

Kerri Monaghan, Principal

Meet Linda Hartnett

Linda is a star…

“We simply love our kick off assemblies! Linda’s energy, is contagious and spreads throughout the whole school! In the words of Tina Turner… You’re Simply The Best!”

Josephine D. Greig, Parent Advisor

Meet Beth Snelgrove

Packaged by student…

“Beth is an extremely hands-on and helpful rep. I also really enjoy that the product comes packaged by student. As a committee with not a lot of day-time help, that made the campaign so much easier for me.”

Tavia Weber, Parent Committee Volunteer

Meet Erin Hogan

In just 59 minutes…

“Our middle school band recently participated in a 59 minute cookie dough fundraiser with QSP. We were more successful in 59 minutes than we had been through an entire “regular” campaign. Erin was amazing!”

Tracy Danberger, Music Program Coordinator

Meet Stefanie Slavik

Fantastic customer service…

“Stefanie is awesome to work with. She has excellent customer service skills.”

Paul Dugas, Teacher

Meet Diane Lamb

Diane gives great advice…

“Diane Lamb and QSP have provided the highest level of service imaginable to help support our school.   Products are of the highest quality, and the advice is tailored to your school.   Diane knows our objectives and helps us get there!”

Lorne Gretsinger, Principal

Meet Jill Maslanka

Look no further than QSP...

“Our school has successfully worked in partnership with QSP since 1978 and I have had the personal pleasure of working with our field representative, both as a teacher and an administrator, for the past 25 years. Jill does an amazing job of motivating the students to participate and succeeds in making fundraising fun and rewarding. We look no further than QSP to meet our fundraising needs.”

Rita Gallippi, Principal

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